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Thread: 9mm smg load

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    9mm smg load

    Looking for a smoking hot load to run out of a colt SMG ive got longshot and blue dot for powder and rem 115fmjs but heavier loads arent out of the question
    Rumbler I remember you having a 147gr bayou bullet load with 800x or something along those lines but I cant find it.
    Im looking to get something that would be equivalent to a .357 mag load
    ive got SR primers too if that makes a difference

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    Mike, I'll have to look it up in my notes again.

    But even with my bias against 9mm aside, to get into the ballpark with a .357 load, you are going to be way way past 9mm operating pressures. I'm not sure a SMG (regardless of who makes it) would take much of that before something ugly happened.

    Anyway, as soon as I can I'll get that 147 load data for you. It is indeed a pretty stout load.
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    Maybe more like a .357 sig load 115gr-1400fps

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    Capt Mike, The Colt 633's ran at around 900 rpm's with factory ammo. A reasonably hot load would get you to about 1100 rpm I suspect. Definitely go to a hydraulic buffer, a 2 stage one if you can find it.

    That an 4 quarters, you might can get coffee.

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    A max load of Blue Dot with a 115 fmj should give you what you want.

    I have used the 115 gr XTP with a max load of Blue Dot in an MK-760. Seemed much faster than ball ammo. Cycling was a bit faster too.

    I have chronoed a 16 inch carbine with WWB at 1220 fps. Some people have reported that load at 1300 fps. The CorBon 115 gr load went 1440 fps from the same carbine.

    Look up the VV3N38 load with the 147 gr Hornady XTP. VV lists it at 1200 fps from a 4 inch barrel. Shooters report about 1150 to 1185 fps with this load in a pistol. Will probably be a bit higher in a longer barrel. Been looking for VV3N38 but cant find any.

    The Lyman #47 manual lists a 115 Sierra HP max Blue Dot load from a 16 inch barrel at 1421 fps. They also list a 125 gr FMJ at 1336 with Blue Dot. These are close to some 357 Magnum loads from shorter barreled revolvers.

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    Alliant has 7.9gr blue dot with a 124gr gold dot doing 1238fps in a 4"
    if they will print that with the lawyers over their shoulder I think I could work that up to 1300 and change out of a 5" pretty safely and it should be cooking out of a 16"

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