The Talon Range Run and Gun is a 2-gun, centerfire rifle and pistol biathlon. This will be a ‘classic-style’ Run and Gun event. It will consist of a roughly 3 mile run with 5 shooting stages interspersed. It’s a test of your body, marksmanship and gear held in field conditions. It’s a test to see if your ‘battle rattle’ equipment works as well in the real world as it does in your LARPing dreams.
The course is a little over 3 miles long, with various obstacles and 5 shooting stations or stages. The terrain is very hilly and challenging (just kidding--it’s Florida) and the obstacles are a little physically demanding. Shooting distances range from up close and personal out to about 400 yards (distant rifle targets will have flashing hit indicators). Much of the shooting is in unusual positions and at unknown distances. Participants must be prepared to handle some physical exertion and be able to safely handle their firearms.
All firearms, ammo, water and other equipment must be carried from start to finish throughout the course. Obviously, shooters will consume or expend water and ammo along the way, so be sure to bring sufficient quantities of both.
ROUND COUNT: Round count has not been finalized yet, but will be approximately 40 handgun and 45 rifle. Most people feel comfortable carrying twice the minimum.
There will be 2 divisions: Open Division and Plate Carrier Division. The only difference between the two divisions is with Plate Carrier division, competitor must wear a plate carrier with rifle-rated plates for the entire race. Other than that, the equipment allowances are the same--basically Open Division. I'm not weighing your PC or checking the label to ensure it's rifle-rated--on your honor.
The only equipment that is strictly required to participate is a stopwatch (wristwatch), a safe center fire rifle (with a sling), a safe center fire pistol, enough ammo to clear the course (at least twice the minimum round count from the Course of Fire is recommended), and eye/ear protection. Everything else is up to each participant. Bring whatever you want—but you have to carry it. I wouldn’t recommend shorts, and I’d suggest wearing something that gives decent ankle support, but I’m not your Mom.
A magnified optic on your rifle will definitely benefit you, but you can complete the course with iron sights or just a red dot on your rifle. Just have solid dope out to 400 yards, and you’ll be fine.
Shooters may use their choice of gear to carry their equipment, the only requirement being that pistols must be carried in a secure holster that covers the trigger guard. A retention holster, such as a Safariland ALS-type holster is recommended. Rifles may be carried or slung any way you like. All firearms will ALWAYS be empty except while shooting a course of fire—you will never be moving on the ‘running portion’ of the course with a loaded firearm. We’ll check at the start, and as you arrive at each stage to ensure you are not running with a loaded firearm. If you are found to have a loaded firearm on the course, it will be a match DQ.
If you will be using your EDC pistol for the match, please safely unload it in an empty shooting bay prior to your arrival at the match-brief area. Please follow the 4 basic firearms safety rules at all times, and be cognizant of muzzle discipline in the parking lot when you are getting your gear together. If you need to play show and tell with your new toy, please go to an empty bay to do so (no shooting on the bay unless you have rented it, however).

Ammo must be standard range-type FMJ, JSP, HP or similar; absolutely no tracers, bi-metal (most steel-cased Russian ammo) or armor piercing bullets that have a penetrator core. M855, SS109, and any similar steel core ammo, any ammo with green or black paint on the tip, or any ammo with bullets that will stick to a magnet are not allowed. We reserve the right to check ammo at the start of the race and at any point during the race. Pistol caliber carbines are not allowed as your rifle.
Pistols must be 9mm or larger.
There will be 4 ‘squads,’--these will be the heats. Within each squad/heat there will be 15 openings. Sign up and select which heat you want to run (squad 1 is heat 1, etc). The approximate time of day that the heats will actually run the course of fire are: Heat 1: 0830-1000. Heat 2: 1030-1200. Heat 3: 1230-1400. Heat 4: 1430-1600. Once you arrive at registration on match-day, you’ll get your random-draw start time for the heat that you have squadded on. If you are sharing equipment with a buddy, make sure the two of you sign up on different heats.
Shooters will report to the Talon Range at the carport just beyond range 15, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their heat (please stop by the range office on your way in and let them know you are there for the event). Heat check-in times are Heat 1: 0815. Heat 2: 1000. Heat 3: 1200 and Heat 4: 1400. There will be a registration table near the starting line. Here, shooters will check in and be assigned a start time. We will review the rules, procedures, and courses of fire immediately following check-in.
Runners will be sent out in uniform intervals within each heat—about every 6 minutes or so. Be sure to show up on time and be ready to go at your appointed check-in, or your spot will be given to someone on the standby list. If you want to run the match with a buddy, we will allow groups of 2 shooters to start at the same time—but no more than that (more than 2 shooters showing up at a stage at the same time starts to create back-ups). There will also be par-times on each stage to prevent backups.
There will be obstacles and other challenges on the trail between shooting stages. These must be completed or an egregious run-time penalty will be applied for each obstacle not completed. Although there is no time limit for the run, it will get dark eventually. If you plan on low-crawling the entire match, how about sign up for the AM heat.
Your Fitness:
This is no walk in the park. The obstacles will test your balance, coordination and upper/lower-body strength. If you can't do a few pull-ups, scramble up and down rough/rocky hills and push through wooded areas, some of the obstacles will be difficult to overcome (no pull-ups will be required--I'm just using it as a fitness example). If you are in even just OK shape (round is a shape), you'll do just fine. Don't pass on the match just because you aren't in top physical condition. Also, the weather may be hot (or cold—it’s Florida after all), and you need to be aware of over-exertion. Be sure to bring an appropriate amount of water. Your health is your responsibility; please manage your limitations accordingly and walk/hydrate as needed. Don’t be afraid to bring your own IFAK—the life you save may be your own.
Match fee: $60. After you register, you must send me money! This isn’t like a local USPSA match where if someone doesn’t show up that has already registered it’s no big deal. A match like this is fairly dependent upon competitors showing up for the time slot they signed up for. After registering, as soon as you can, send me the match fee via PayPal. Either $60 friends and family or add 3% for the ‘protection fee’ or whatever it’s called. My PayPal address is the same as my email address: If you don’t send me money, I’ll remove you from the Practiscore squad list. Make sure your name is listed in the payment so I know who has paid, and make no mention of firearms at all in your payment message. If PayPal doesn’t work for you, we can handle payment by check, cash or Zelle as well.
If the match fills up, I will start a ‘standby’ list. Those on the standby list can show up on match day, and if anyone who registered doesn’t show up for their heat, a standby competitor may take their place.
How can I shoot the match for free, you ask?
I’ll need range officers—15 of them. I will need 3 ROs for each stage, to allow 1 RO to be gone throughout the day to shoot the match. For your time, you can shoot the match for free, and I’ll provide lunch. Please contact me to let me know that you would like to RO.
Small things may change prior to the match. Keep an eye on your inbox to make sure nothing changes.
The whole match description won't fit here--there's more. Any questions? Contact me at: