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Thread: Carbine/Pistol Class May 21/22 Aucilla, FL

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    Carbine/Pistol Class May 21/22 Aucilla, FL

    Last class until the Fall. LIMITED SPOTS.

    Private group needs a few to join them to meet my class minimums so this class has been opened up for three or four spots.

    DATE: May 21st/22nd

    COST: $150

    Ammo: Rifle 750 Pistol 500

    This class will include basic marksmanship principles, reloads, malfunctions, static drills, moving drills, shooting support side, shooting using cover, and just about anything you would expect from a quality class. We will focus on the fighting mindset while exposing and eliminating bad flat-range habits.

    For a course review, student feedback, or instructor credentials, visit

    PLEASE E-MAIL me at for questions or to reserve a spot. This course always gets great reviews and the after class cook out and social is a great way to network and make like-minded friends.
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    I forwarded to friend not on forum. He will be emailing you shortly.

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