Due to recent requests, and ammo becoming more available, I will be doing my 2-Day Carbine & Pistol class September 4th and 5th in Aucilla, FL. Class will run from 8am until mission completion, usually around 5pm. This is a private property venue about 35 miles east of Tallahassee.

This class is suitable for not only the beginner but the experienced shooter as well. We will start off with a reinforcement of the fundamentals and rapidly progress through a variety of static and moving shooting drills where loading, unloading, malfunction clearing, transitions to support side shooting, transitions from carbine to rifle, shooting from cover, and shooting via confined space/area will all be incorporated. The class ends with a 2-man movement to cover and fire drill designed to incorporate all the skills previously discussed, demonstrated, and completed... it's A LOT OF FUN.

This class generally consists of a 50%-70% repeat attendance ratio therefore spots are limited.

COST- $150.00

AMMO- 500-750 Rounds Rifle and 350-500 Rounds Pistol. Round counts can be reduced to conserve ammo without reducing the training benefit. I do not base the quality of a class on a round count.

For more details on course content, visit the site link below and look over the various courses, this class will be a blend of those classes where the emphasis will be on developing solid gunfighting skills.

Signal-0 Productions

For Instructor information, or in other words, why should I consider training with some guy named Bob, visit the link below.

Instructor Information


While I won't be requiring a deposit on this class, I do ask you make attending a TOP PRIORITY if you sign up.