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Thread: Dillon square deal?

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    Dillon square deal?

    anyone have a Dillon square deal?

    I was offered one set up for 9mm for 400. Not sure if it is worth the price to upgrade over my turret I use for 9mm, though I'm leaning towards probably.

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    Yes I have one, it replaced the duties of pistol loading I was doing on my Lee classic cast turret.
    When I first ran it I didn't see a massive increase in production speed, more massive decrease in amount of effort of motion. The pulling of the lever once vs 4 times for a loaded round was the selling point for me.

    The dies are proprietary, and the length pistol only. If you are OK with that,
    I got mine for a deal with 38/9/45 dies setups, so that is why I went with it.

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