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Thread: casting for the .30 carbine

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    casting for the .30 carbine

    Wanted to share my results casting for the .30 carbine

    I use this lee .311 100 grain mold:

    With mostly range scrap, they drop at 104-105 grains. Then I powder coat them with harbor freight red, and size down to .309

    I use 2400, and tula small rifle primers. All in all my material cost is around $0.08 per round buying stuff locally. Ordering in bulk could probably lower that.

    Accuracy and functioning are good, I wouldn't call it tack driving, but I wanted a plinking load and got one, I haven't shot it past fifty yards, but I have put probably 2-300 through my crappy gen 1 universal, with the only hang ups being caused by a new-production korean magazine I have.

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    Nice lipstick.
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    Nice lipstick.
    Thanks! I'm thinkin of putting out a whole line of make-up inspired ammo

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