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Thread: Cattle/Horses

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    My condolences.

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    Sorry to hear this. I know you will miss him. Still miss mine and he has been gone for a while.

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    My his memory be a blessing.
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    --John Milton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattle/Horses View Post
    Thank you Johnny. One more WWII combat wounded veteran left us Thursday night at 10:04 PM.
    Condolences C/W. I know nothing really helps at this point.
    "If our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies then every method of protecting ourselves is morally right" -- Cicero

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    Losing your dad is a bad day all around. My condolences Wes. Jim
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    That sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Kulbick
    Well if there's one group of assholes around here that can fix that shit, this is the one. I know when it first starts, they cry and get all butt hurt, but that's when most people give up. Not us. I've never seen a bunch of people so determined, and so relentless, and constantly being insufferable pricks, long after pissing someone off, or pissing in their wheaties, as this bunch here. You want to toughen that kid up, you make him hang out with this collection of fuck heads and he'll start fighting back eventually and realize he can stand up for himself. We're good for society. Anyone who says bullying has no place in the world was bullied into believing that. CCGF will save the world, one milkhead at a time.

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    Sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry to hear that Wesley. Tim

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