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Thread: Defensive Shotgun March 23/24 Aucilla, FL

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    Defensive Shotgun March 23/24 Aucilla, FL

    I'll be conducting a DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN class Sat/Sun March 23rd/24th in Aucilla, FL (35 miles east of Tallahassee). Class size limited to ten shooters.

    Sat 9am-4pm (lunch on site)
    Sun 9am-4pm (lunch on site)

    This class will be perfect for the first timer or seasoned scattergun guru. A great opportunity to brush up on skills learned from other classes or just a chance to sling some pellets. Topics will include but not limited to:

    The Shotgun as a Defensive Weapon
    Shotgun Types & Method of Function
    Shotgun Set Up & Add-On Considerations
    Ammo Capabilities, Selection, and Considerations
    Common Causes of Malfunctions & Remedies
    Basic Shooting/Carry Positions
    Admin Loading/Unloading
    Oh-Shit Loading (Side saddle and/or Butt Cuff)
    Shooting at Distance (Slugs)
    Moving, Barricade, & Multiple Targets (Paper and Steel)
    Cleaning/Maintenance considerations

    PLEASE NOTE: To secure a spot you MUST send me an E-mail with name/contact number. Class go is dependent on participation and subject to cancellation. I do not take deposits, I just ask if you sign up you make attending a priority.

    At a minimum you will need:

    Shotgun (Pump or Semi-Auto) with 18" or 20" barrel (shorter allowed IAW law)
    Extended Magazine Preferred but Not Required
    Side Saddle and/or Stock Ammo Carrier (Butt Cuff)
    Sling (MUST HAVE)
    Any Other Gear You Wish To Use/Shake Out
    Ear & Eye Pro
    Tools Specific to Your SG/Gear
    Comfortable Clothing
    Field chair
    Snacks, Drinks, Lunch

    AMMO NEEDS- 300 Rounds Bird Shot, Nothing larger than 7 1/2 (Federal 100 Round Bulk Packs Preferred)
    20-30 Rounds 00 Buck (Mixed Brands Preferred) *
    35-40 Slugs 1oz. (Reduced Recoil/Mixed Brands Preferred) *

    * Part of the class will include demonstrating how your SG shoots/patterns various brands of ammo differently, same for slugs.

    As usual, we will grill out after class Saturday, I will supply the deer burger and sausage. Questions? Send me an e-mail Bob@Signal-0.com

    COST- $150.00 Per Shooter or $275.00 per 2-Person Team (Husband/Wife, BF/GF, Parent/Child, Training Friend... BOTH must sign up at same time)
    Signal-0 Productions Firearms Training... for the working man.

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    Bob runs good solid classes if you are on the fence on this...
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    Not to mention, he a damn good fellow also.

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