I have stumbled into some FEMA contract work in SC and NC. The work will be starting in the Johnsonville, SC then spreading out from there. Currently we have 2 types of jobs in SC. One type of work is demo existing homes and rebuilding either an 800sq ft or a 1,200 sq ft home. The second type of work is rehab of existing homes. In NC there is only rehabs for now. Rebuilds in NC will be coming.

The rehabs are wide ranging because not all homes have the same damage. The rehabs are general handyman work (ie building ADA wheel chair ramps, removing and replacing drywall, repairing missing shingles, replacing a broken window, etc, etc). In NC there will be no roofing work for the homes. Pay depends on what you are doing. In SC the work will pay more but take more days to complete. I am hearing that it should take 3 to 14 days pending what all needs to be done at the house. In NC the work will be an average of 8 hours per house.

We have some guys already committed to rehab and subs for the rebuilds. Work in SC can start in 1 week. Rehabs in NC will be staring in roughly 1 month. I have years worth of work in SC. The work in NC will be a smash in grab for 6 weeks. If our group hits the quota then we will be given more houses to rehab.

Anyone who is interested should PM me for more information. We are looking for tradesmen (electricians, plumbers, framers, concrete/foundation guys, roofers), handymen or anyone with a good work ethic.