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Thread: lee classic turret with auto index

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    lee classic turret with auto index

    Does anyone use the lee classic turret press that indexes?

    I have an old lyman single stage that I use now, but I have been considering this to get as a second press to load pistol ammo. It seems like on sale it gets close to 100 bucks (before buying the various measures, case ejectors etc).

    any known problems with these?

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    Buy the auto breech lock progessive ,ihave used both the auto indexing turret and am now using the auto breech .I use a rock chucker that is 50yrs old for my rifle shells.Very little difference in the price.Will need shell plate which is about 15.00$ for the size casing you are using.Very nice for the money had one of those high dollar Dillions,perfer the breech lock.
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    I'm slightly leaning towards the classic turret, because I load many different calibers and don't want to buy all the shell plates, but I don't know for sure yet

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    I’ve been using one for about 6 years now and I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s not as fast as a progressive press but it will get the job done. I bought it as a kit and use the lee pro auto disk measure and it works really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWest View Post

    The first link is a lee turret press
    The second link is a lee classic turret ( don’t know the difference between the 2. I have the red one)
    The third link is a lee progressive press

    Whichever you decide to buy go ahead and buy a turret for every caliber and an automatic powder dispenser.

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