Saw this and thought I share it with the group.

Our Talon Defender 250 course is the next step beyond the basics and you’ll need to show evidence of competent firearms training before attending.
We’ll drill extensively on reloads and malfunctions to build your confidence and competence. All drills will be from concealment considering you will likely be carrying that way. We will drill you on transitioning from dominant to support side and on positional shooting. Moving and shooting and cover and concealment concepts will be taught. We will instruct on a universal understanding of when deadly force is justified and how to explain one’s actions. Then there is scenario based training based on your new skillset. The class culminates in a proficiency based qualification course that you must pass for each level of certification. Many of the drills you shoot will be ones you can take home and shoot to maintain your level of proficiency.
Don’t depend on occasional trips to the range to build your skills. We all need to step outside our comfort zone and learn from others. Let our staff take you to the next level! Talon was founded on a passion for teaching, not just instructing. We have learned so much from teaching all the thousands that have come through our doors, let us teach you too!
Check the calendar for upcoming classes and contact us to put your deposit down now! There is a 10 day cancellation required and a $100 deposit so we can schedule appropriately. Deposits can be moved to future classes at our discretion. Bring your buddy or the spouse and spend a few days with us.
There are three types of people in this world, the Predator, the Prey and the Protector…..which one are you?Call the Pro-Shop at 850-597-7550 for details, message us on Facebook or email one of the bosses at or