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Thread: Cattle/Horses Random BS Thread

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    Interested in a 125cc dirt bike? Doesn’t look pretty but runs great. Needs back tire and rear break mastercylinder. All parts are pretty cheap to get. I just wanna trade for something so I can put food on the table for my family.

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    I'm reading about the atomic bomb testing in New Mexico at Trinity Site in '.45. Written from a temporarily displaced ranchers perspective. This quote shows how little they knew or understood.

    " We drove further south through Claunch and then along the eastern rim of the Chupadera Mesa, about thirty miles north of the Trinity Site and Ground Zero. The mesa is a limestone outcrop about 7,000 feet above sea level with pinon pine and juniper and open grassy meadows. This is grazing range. Chupadera Mesa received the heaviest dose of radiation outside the Trinity area. The early morning wind blew the radioactive cloud northeast, the heavier particles began to descend, and afternoon thundershowers concentrated radiation around the mesa. Weeks after the explosion, some cows began losing hair. The hair grew back, but it grew back white, not a Hereford color. "
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    No one knew what the ramifications of the weapons were.

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