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Thread: 6x45 load data

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    6x45 load data

    I'm parking this here so I can come back to it,
    It is a pdf that is on google drive

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    Any other load data you feel like putting in the googledrive would be much appreciated, I'm sure.
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    I didn't put it there, just found it.
    Max loads in the 6x45 are midrange in the 6 mongoose as the mongoose has a little more capacity.
    So the 6x45 is a good place to start as well as the other 6 mongoose data I have.

    The 6x45 is just a 223/5.56 case necked up to 6 mm/243, really simple 1 pass through the size die to form.

    The mongoose has to be formed from 5.56/223 and have shoulder setback, 40 degree shoulder and trimmed.
    If in cases other than lc, ( lapua for sure) necks have to be turned, then brass fireformed, so it is more work on the case than 6x45.

    But that said, I have a fair enough supply of fire formed brass to start working with in the mongoose.
    I'd like to work up a 55,75,87,105 gr bullet load it likes.
    The 105's won't fit in a ar mag though. Single feed or bolt gun. I haven't tried them yet to see if the controlled round feed bolt gun will play well with them.

    Pretty standard powders for it though,(mongoose)
    Benchmark, h-335, to cfe 223, blc-2 and varget speed wise.

    I forgot I posted this before..
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    Speaking of 6x45 AR's, here's one I've not shot in many years. Has an 18" RLG barrel from the no longer in business

    Winchester brass, Hornady 65gr. V-Max, 26.0 grs. AA2230. Good enough for coyote...

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