Tallahassee Indoor Shooting Range
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Thread: The Basics

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    I have read Musashi, a couple times actually. It, along with Japanese martial arts, shaped me as a child and young man. The discipline it gave me was like no other activity I have ever tried growing up. Most kids probably have the same experience if they were doing it for the right reasons. The search for greatness without ego.

    I haven't heard of the 2nd book you mention. I will check it out.
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    Note to self, don't scrap with EM. He knows that sneaky oriental fighting stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLT View Post
    Note to self, don't scrap with EM. He knows that sneaky oriental fighting stuff!
    On the street it's often referred to as Hoo Flung Dung.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jafar View Post
    Karate-do Kyohan is on the book shelf. I'm not a stickler for Shotokan, especially the kata that was adapted for "competitive" use. But most people don't realize that up until the 1920's Japan had no idea of Karate-do and only practiced Judo, and that it was Funakoshi that brought it to the mainland from Okinawa.

    There's another quote from a different time on theory; "doctrine is the haven of the unimaginative."
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