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Thread: Defensive Shotgun Instructor

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    Defensive Shotgun Instructor

    I is one now....

    Can't say enough about Tom Givens and his Instructor abilities... all the great things I heard about Tom proved true. I feel fortunate to have trained with him.

    Tom runs great Instructor Development courses and averages about 15%-20% failure rate. Physical performance with the firearm, coaching ability, and academics are all tested with no fluff or free ride... TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY... my kind of pressure.

    We lost no one in this class and I must say, the class as a whole had their stuff together, 80% were previous Givens grads. Class had 26 Instructors, a mix of citizen trainers and LE.

    I feel I've closed a gap in my training by completing this SG instructor class and really learned quite a bit... you don't know what you don't know.

    Signal-0 Productions Firearms Training... for the working man.

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    Congrats! He has a great reputation-glad you got to learn from him.

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    Sob, Sniff, Sob. We are soooo proud of you little guy!
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