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Furthering the cause

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Now that I've got things functional for the most part: along with the mass e-mails that have gone out, I'm also keeping track of the bounce backs.

Make sure you folks have a valid and functional e-mail address! I've deleted a few users that had 0 posts and invalid e-mail addresses. Some of them were bots that we didn't catch. Others that have had a few posts, I just deleted the e-mail address from their accounts. If you didn't get the mass e-mail from today, check your spam folder. If it's not there, make sure we have a valid e-mail address for you!

Some folks that have AT&T e-mail addresses: our IP address is being blacklisted by them and I'm working on getting that cleared up.


  1. 30plusretlaw's Avatar
    Like the new look. It was all white before for me, now is black gray and blue for me.
  2. Tallyther's Avatar
    It definitely looks more professional and easier to read due to the darker background and higher contrast.
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