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This is not the Tallahassee Gun Forum

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The Tallahassee Gun Forum is no longer online.

This is the Capital City Gun Forum. You should recognize that many things look similar to TGF. This should help ease your transition to this site as you will already be familiar with the basic functions of the forum. You WILL need to create a new account if you would like to participate.

This site is a bit different than what you may be used to. We do not censor opinions. We do not have rules of conduct. We expect you to be an adult that can withstand criticism or at least be enough of an adult to not engage in topics that you are sensitive about. If you decide to join our community, you will likely go through some form of trial by fire. It's not personal, we're just trying to figure out who you are.

It's a dysfunctional family that you're free to join.



  1. Tango147's Avatar
    "This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I am not your king."
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